If you are lost and need to know your location to tell emergency services, please go to whereami.uk.

If you want to know what three words would help you, they are "where", "am", and "i", as in whereami.uk - no apps, no download, just works. If you are thinking of other words, see Why What3Words is not suitable for safety critical applications.

This is a simple mapping system using Ordnance Survey open data. Use is free of charge with a money back guarantee.

Try https://find.me.uk/ followed by a postcode. You can also do a DNS "LOC" lookup for [postcode].find.me.uk

The URL after https://find.me.uk/ can contain a number of / separated fields in any order.

The URL can end with a file type after a dot. The only one that matters is .svg which causes an SVG to be served, else an HTML is served.

If no size is set then HTML has a simple onload that reloads with the page size. If size is set then an SVG is embedded in the HTML and an onresize will reload with a change of size.

To embed in another page as a map, sadly, this SVG does not work in an img tag, it seems, so use an iframe and set width and height and maybe set no padding/margin either to avoid scroll bars..